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PrimeWeb is a company whose main focus is to prospect innovative and disruptive solutions worldwide, integrate them and make them available to its customers, aiming to help them in the search for efficiency, process optimization, cost reduction and generation of new revenues.

Created in 2019, its board of directors has a group of leaders with extensive experience in projects and technology, allowing its customers to offer the best option of innovative and disruptive technologies.

Detection of Internal and Remote Digital Evasions - GDPR

Protect your organization, including home office, from risks such as internal and remote data evasion.

Vimeo Enterprise

The world's leading enterprise video solution. Create videos in an instant. A quick and easy video maker for high impact videos.

WebSIA RouDem

Create Internet access on the mobile network. Up to 10 times the data speed of a smartphone or mobile modem in the same location by MiWire.

PrimeWeb BarsProfessional Services

  • Deployment and Remote Training
  • Custom Branding System Customization
  • Meeting Rooms Scheduling with Check-In
  • SSO (Office365/G Suite), Legacy Systems and Slack Integration
  • Chatbot - 24/7 Virtual Attendant with A.I.

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A.I. Desruptive Intelligence in Cloud

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Video Conference

High quality and affordable video/web conferencing solution with wireless content sharing. Ideal online corporate meetings, training and technical support.

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Solution for detecting and responding to possible internal and external digital threats, offering end-to-end security. Tool adhering to the demands of the “General Data Protection Law – LGPD (BR)” and “General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR (EU)”.

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Data over Sound

Innovative data over sound communication software, device to device, for the financial (banks and fintechs) and advertising (retail, football stadiums and museums) segments.

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Customized Customer Service for E-Commerce

Service solution for e-commerce that tries to replicate the physical sales model for the digital model, where an employee helps each customer to find the ideal product for purchase.

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Meeting Rooms Management

Solutions for space management in companies (workstation, meeting room and environments), visitor management (host notification, data capture, pre-registration), visual control of available spaces and management of spaces.

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